Displaying a warning message when sending emails to external recipients with attachements

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Is it possible to 'display a warning message to users when they try to send attachments to external recipients' using AIP.



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You've got the option to configure a condition and apply a label as a recommended action for end-users or with the DLP Policy Tip in Office 365, you can inform senders that they may be about to pass along sensitive information that is detected by the policies before they click Send.

In both options, The Policy Tip will prompt for the user.





Not with AIP, but you can configure Exchange mail tips: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/clients-and-mobile-in-exchange-online/mailtips/mailtips#ma...


Mail tips however are only shown on the desktop Outlook client and OWA, so they might not be the best fit. DLP policy tips only work with sensitive data, so also not the best solution. Lastly, you can configure transport rules to detect such messages, but they cannot trigger in-client notifications (only for DLP sensitive content).

@Gurdev Singh  - This is now supported in AIP preview client v,  config details are Implement pop-up messages in Outlook for email or attachments with AIP label.


In this scenarios, you will need to configure trusted domains and configure OutlookWarnUntrustedCollaborationLabel for all  AIP labels or a specific label


Can someone point me to how to do this with MIP and the Office 365 Information Protection ? (or do I have to use the AIP client?). Looking to warn when sending selected labelled attachments - or anything encrypted.