Disable sensitivity labels in OWA / Outlook for the Web

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So the AIP unified labels are now showing in Outlook on the web, which is a great thing to have.


BUT there's no way to stop the labels being displayed if the customer does not want labelling in Outlook.


I have customers that specifically chose not to enable AIP in Outlook on Windows for operational reasons and have disabled the AIP add-in in the application.


Now that the labels are appearing in OWA, these labels are now showing and there appears to be no way to disable it that I can find in the documentation.


Anyone in Microsoft have advice about this? I've now got an irate customer that is questioning the lack of change control.

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@markwarnes I don't think this is feasible, but you can at lease apply different settings for emails (Outlook) using PowerShell commands: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/information-protection/rms-client/clientv2-admin-guide-custom...

@markwarnes same here. Did you figured out a solution on this? We also have the challenge to introduce Unified Labeling but without the possibility to apply labels or encryption to emails in OWA.


Set-IRMConfiguration -SimplifiedClientAccessEnabled $false

does not take effect anymore