Building a Strong Foundation: Prioritizing Developer Security at Microsoft Build 2023
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As the demand for secure software development continues to grow, developers and organizations face increasing pressure to do more with less. At Microsoft, we recognize the importance of developer security and are committed to sharing our knowledge, insights, and capabilities to empower developers in building robust and resilient applications. In line with the overarching theme of Microsoft Build 2023, which explores the power of AI and innovation, we are excited to bring the spotlight on Developer Security to this year's event.


The evolving threat landscape necessitates a strong focus on developer security. Stricter compliance regulations, rising cyber-attacks, and increasing attention from nation-state adversaries highlight the criticality of safeguarding data and applications. As developers, it's crucial to understand how to protect your software from advanced threats and ensure the highest standards of secure software development.


Engage with Us: Two Sessions to Meet the Experts

At Microsoft Build 2023, we invite you to engage directly with our Developer Security experts through informative sessions designed to foster conversation and knowledge sharing. Join us for the following sessions:


  1. Unlocking the Power of Azure Security: Conversations with Experts, Q&A (DIS165)

Meet Dr. Andre Alfred and Shawn Hernan, our Azure security engineering experts, as they dive into how Azure, the world's largest cloud platform, takes an industry-leading defense in-depth approach to running developer operations at scale. Gain insights into Azure's robust security framework and ask your questions about how Microsoft manages security at cloud speed.

Before attending the session, we encourage you to read our informative blog series on Azure's built-in security features to familiarize yourself with the topic and come prepared with questions for a lively discussion.


  1. Next-Level DevSecOps: Secure Supply Chain Consumption Framework, Q&A (DIS263H)

Join Adrian Diglio and Jasmine Wang, experts from our Secure Software Supply Chain team, as they delve into the Secure Supply Chain Consumption Framework (S2C2F). Learn how this framework helps protect developers from consuming malicious or compromised packages, and discover strategies for patching vulnerable components faster to mitigate potential risks. Read more about the S2C2F on Adrian's latest blog here. 


In addition to these sessions, we have other sessions of note that you won't want to miss:

  • Main Stage Breakout:  (BRK260HFS) Learn how to build secure cloud-native apps. This session shares insights on end-to-end security practices, DevSecOps methodologies, and innovative approaches to securing your data and applications.
  • Hands on Lab: DevSecOps (LAB160) Join this session to learn how security can be automated in the software development lifecycle. The team will demonstrate how to fix vulnerabilities in applications, using automated workflows and close collaboration with the security teams.


Throughout the event, we have set up a dedicated space on the 3rd floor where you can connect with our experts and delve deeper into topics related at the Experts Meetup for DevSecOps and SRE (room 321). Richard Diver will be one of the experts present at the Expert Corner on both days to address your questions, share insights, and gather valuable feedback. Look out for the map detailing the location and timing of these insightful interactions.


As we eagerly approach Microsoft Build 2023, we are delighted to engage with developers from around the globe in meaningful conversations about the paramount importance of developer security. In an era of heightened compliance standards and evolving cyber threats, safeguarding your data and applications has never been more crucial. Our sessions and expert interactions at Build will offer invaluable insights, practical best practices, and the opportunity to connect with industry leaders who are at the forefront of developer security. We are thrilled to be part of this event and look forward to inspiring discussions and knowledge sharing.


Register now for Microsoft Build to join our Azure Security and Secure Software Supply Chain Q&A sessions. In the meantime, learn how you can take advantage of out-of-the-box security that is built into everything we develop and deliver.


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