September 2020 - M365 US Public Sector Roadmap Newsletter
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Microsoft 365 Public Roadmap
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Microsoft Tech Community for Public Sector
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Microsoft 365 for US Government Service Descriptions





Be a Learn-it-all


Teams for Government Training Series

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Live training accessible via Teams Live Event


Also available: VOD options of past events 




Newsworthy Highlights


Microsoft Lists in Microsoft Teams is now generally available in GCC


Microsoft US Sovereign Cloud Myth Busters - CUI Effectively Requires Data Sovereignty


Secure isolation guidance for Azure and Azure Government


Insider Risk Management and Communication Compliance solutions rolling out to GCC and GCC High cloud environments

Insider Risk Management in Microsoft 365 – Road Map ID: 64187

Communication compliance in Microsoft 365 – Road Map ID: 67112


Extended Offline Access for Microsoft 365 Apps coming to GCC, GCC High, and DOD on October 1, 2020

Extended offline access enables devices running Microsoft 365 Apps to stay activated for up to 180 days without the need to connect to the internet to validate the license and install updates.


SMTP Plus Addressing is now rolling out

Plus Address support allows users to add a suffix to the local-part of their email address to create a secondary address which they can then use as an email address.


App permissions, consent and install in Teams admin center (GA Sep/Oct)

Teams admin center is receiving new features on App Permissions, Consent and Install.


Sideloading and Custom apps are now available in Teams GCC


Power App integration in Teams GCC


Pop Out Chat live in Teams GCC


Teams supports Citrix VDI in Teams GCC


Teams background images in non-optimized VDI environments



Updated Teams meeting experience when joining via meeting URL



Surface Hub Certified for use with Teams GCC


Praise app in Teams (Sep)

Recognize and appreciate work that Teams users do by using praise badges in Microsoft Teams. 


Teams templates (Aug/Sep)

Teams templates are pre-built definitions of a team's structure designed around a business need or project. 


Multi-window calling and meetings in Teams

Users can choose to have their Teams calls and meetings pop-out into a separate window.


Org allowed accounts in Teams (GCC only)

Microsoft Teams for iOS and Android now enables administrators to manage which user accounts can sign-in to Microsoft Teams on mobile devices that are managed by Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) providers.

iOS: version 2.0.13 or later
Android: The updated app should be available in the store by the end of June.


Expiring access for external user in SharePoint and OneDrive (Oct)

Tenant admins will be able to create a policy that revokes guest access to documents and files after a set number of days. 


Microsoft Lists (GA GCC)

A new Lists home where users will be able to access from the Microsoft 365 suite navigation on the web.


Enforcing SharePoint limits (Sep/Oct)

Enforcing limits scope

  • 10,000 SharePoint groups per site (site collection).
  • Each SharePoint group can have up to 5,000 users.
  • 5,000 role assignments per uniquely permissioned item.


Centralized management for hub permissions (Sep)

Hub permissions enable users to centralize the management of visitor access to associated sites. 


SharePoint admin center classic pages retirement

The following pages in the classic SharePoint admin center have been replaced by pages in the new SharePoint admin center and will be removed/retired: “Site Collections”, “Sharing”, “Access control”, and “Geo locations”.


Microsoft 365 IP & URL Endpoint Updates


28 August 2020 - GCC

01 September 2020 - GCC

28 August 2020 - GCC High

28 August 2020 - DOD

01 September 2020 - DOD



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