Writing Macros in MS Project

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Hello Fellas, I have made a sheet comprising of different activities in execute-serial manner e.g
Activity no 1. Create excel sheets (Company A) finish date 2/2/22
Activity no 2. Create excel sheets (Company B) finish date 4/2/22

Now in some cases activity from Company A is finishing first like in above example. But in other cases activity from Company B is finishing first and Activity from company A is finishing later. E.g

Activity 3. Fill data in excel sheet (Company B) finish date 6/2/22
Activity 4. Fill data in excel sheet (Company A) finish date 8/2/22

I have like more than 1800 activities in my sheet. I just want to filter activities which are finishing later. Like if we take above 4 activities i want to make a filter which can filter out the activity which is finishing later by reading the name and date against it. Is it possible? I have very little knowledge about programming. Thats why i am not able to write a code which can perform this task. Seeking forward to any help at this forum. Thanks
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Unless I'm missing something, you do not need VBA. Careful structuring of your file with a simple filter and sort should get what you want. Given what you have presented, here is a suggested structure.


Then set up this sort


When applied, this is the result


Does that work for you? If not, why not?



Sir, Thank you so much for replying. Actually my sheet is already made. And it has alot of activities like i described. Now as i want to see only those activities which are finishing later. Thats why i want to write a macro which can compare names of 2 activities identifying which one is from company A and which one is from B. After that filtering out the activity which is finishing later. I have alot of files like this. So making it automatic will help me alot.
It's still not clear that you need a macro to do what you want. However, for me to better understand what you have I'd like to take a look at your file and then decide the best approach. You can send the file to me at the address below. I will ask some questions.
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