Visual report showing resource usage for active tasks

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I need some help to extract resource usage view to Excel.

I have created a visual report which gives me the view I need, but in my project I have a number of task that are not active (either completed, on hold, or cancelled), and I want those excluded from my visual report.

In my project I have created a custom field to indicate status of a task, but that field can't be added to my visual report. I named my field InPorfolio, but in the list of custom fields it is called InPortfolio (Text5) Task (dimension). And the error message says that it is either too long or contains reserved characters.  Any ideas on how to solve this?



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Could you instead use native fields like "active" (for tasks you inactivated... assuming that's how you're cancelling them?) and "status" (for things like complete, in progress, future task, etc)?