Viewing Risks in Project Online

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Hi All,


We are formulating risks on our projects, but I am confused about the permissions. I can see all risks as the Project owner and the project manager assigned on the summary page of the project. But others can only see the risks assigned to them.

How do I allow everyone to see the full list of risks?

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Hello @NickyBoyNZ ,

The users would all need access to the Project Sites for each project. If it is just a view of all risks, what about creating a report for Risk data in Power BI or Excel using the Project Online reporting API?


Hi Paul,

If they are assigned as resources should they not have access to those project sites already?

PowerBI will work for an overview, but I need the whole project team to be able to jump in and update or add information to all risks. At minimum I need the Program Manager to have the ability to do this on all risks


Hello @NickyBoyNZ ,

Yes as minimum if they are added to the Project team in PWA, the project is published, you are using the Project permission mode (not the SharePoint permission) and the EPT that the project was created from is set to sync user permissions, the users will get access to the Project Site as the permission levels on the Project sites are based on the below:


The Permission mode of your PWA site can be seen in additional server settings:


In the SharePoint Mode the user permissions are not synchronised between the PWA site and the project sites. The sync option on the EPT:


I hope that helps.


In addition to the above, if you are in the SharePoint mode, careful switching this as it will reset all the permissions.