Very slow exporting pdf

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I have a master with around n.30 subproject and a total of n.300 tasks. If I export to pdf it takes a lot of time (around 25 minutes). Is it regular accoriding to your projects? 

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That's a lot of subprojects and if all those inserted subproject result in only 300 tasks total, I have to ask, why is it not all one single project?

However, to address your issue, are you exporting a dynamic master as PDF (i.e. linked structure) or did you first convert your master to a static master for export? If you are exporting the dynamically linked master directly, I suggest you first convert to a static master (single file) and then export that. I'm guessing you'll see a significant decrease in export time.

As a quick experiment, I have a file (not a linked structure) with over 2K tasks. The PDF export took less than 2 minutes on that's with a virtual machine.