URL can not contain query parameters

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I have an issue concerning this flow I am trying to build, the purpose is to transfer tasks from a project in MS project online to planner: the URL adress of my project published in a sharepoint list does not seem to be working, I have tried several URL adresses and I always get the same message of error.


Query parameters.png

Could someone please tell me what the problem is and how to obtain the right URL address for my project? Thank you in advance!

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Hello @BaulieuCla ,

From your screen shot you are trying to get data from Project for the web but using the Project Online connector in Power Automate. Project for the web and Project Online are different products. To read the task data from Project for the web via Power Automate you will need to use the Dataverse connector: Overview of how to integrate flows with Dataverse - Power Automate | Microsoft Docs

You can use the List Rows action to list the rows from the Project Tasks table.