Timesheet app?

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This site tells there is functionality for "Timesheet submission".


i´m trying to figure out if there is a way to access this functionality through a mobile app?


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Hello @kranis ,

Microsoft used to have an official Timesheet app for Project Online but this was removed. A Project Partner called Sensei do have an app: or you could look to build an app with Power Apps like this example:


@Paul MatherThanks for your reply!


Yes. I could build my app in Power Portal. That would be really cool. However, I need a way to fetch the title of each row, and also a way to push updates (how many completed hours for each row).


Hopefully MS project provides an REST api for this?

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@Paul Mather 

Is it still valid for Project Server 2016 andup? On the page it mentioned "Valid for Project Server 2013".

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