Task is split when actual work is set to 0 hrs in MS Project

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Hello everyone,

On a Fixed Work task, I set the Actual Work week per week in the Ressource Usage view to record how much time is spent on this task and when.

The time spent on the task is not regular, and for every week where the Actual Work is set to 0 hrs, the task bar is then split and display a dotted line.

Is there any way to avoid the task to split in that case ?

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Thomas --

Microsoft Project DOES display a task split under the circumstances that you describe. The task split allows you to know that no work was performed on the task that week. But, if for some reason you do not want to see the task splits, then do this:

1. Apply the Gantt Chart view.
2. Click the Gantt Chart Format ribbon tab to display that ribbon.
3. In the Format section of the Gantt Chart Format ribbon, click the Layout button.
4. In the Layout dialog, deselect the Show bar splits checkbox.
5. Click the OK button.

You will need to set this option once per existing project. If you use templates from which to create your projects, you can deselect this option in your templates, which will eliminate your problem in all future projects. Hope this helps.