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I am new to this forum. We have recently implemented Ms Project Online PWA. I know how to get task hierarchy in "Task: tab of PWA but when I try to get in "Resource assignment" view in Resource Center, I don't see Task Hierarchy but I can see WBS. However, it does not show the name of WBS rather it just gives number.


My Question is, is there a way to get the summary in "Resource Assignment" view. I need this as there are some activities that have the same name (For example Client Approval) appearing under multiple packages (Such as mechanical and civil designs may have separate activities of "Client Approval".


At present I cant figure out which activity belong to which summary task. A snip of extract from Resource assignment is shown here:




Thanks in advance for helping out


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Owaismalick --

In the Show/Hide section of the Assignments ribbon, there is a checkbox named Summary Tasks. Selecting this checkbox used to automatically display the summary tasks for each task assignment. However, this feature was broken a number of years ago. Even though I reported this to Microsoft, they opted not to fix the bug. So, I am afraid you are out of luck. Sorry.

@Dale Howard 

Hi Dale

Much appreciated for your response. I am surprised why Microsoft have not fixed this issue. In my view its a must option to better organize tasks. 

Could you please guide me how to approach to Microsoft for logging my feedback to them.

By the way your Linkedin Article on Assignment owner is of great help. 

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Hi Dale
I have come across a complex situation in updating the project using Project Online Tasks and Approvals options. On some old projects that I was managing using MS Project Desktop when I try to update the tasks by allowing team members to send update to PMs and PMs approving it. What is happening is that team members send the status updates, it goes to the PMs for approval, however when PMs approve them the status is not reflected in the schedule.
Have you ever come across that situation? Is there any solution to that problem?
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