Synchronisation of Project tasks with the To Do application

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I have just subscribed to 3 Project plan 3 licences for my project managers.
In my organisation we used to view our tasks through the To Do application, however, unlike Microsoft Planner, tasks that are assigned from Project do not appear in the To Do application.
Is there a way for To Do and Project to synchronise?

Thank you for your help


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RodrigueC --

There is currently no integration between the the To Do application and either the Microsoft Project desktop application or the Project for the Web application. I would speculate that Microsoft may eventually provide integration between Project for the Web and the To Do application, but that is purely speculation at this point. I do not work for Microsoft, so I do not have any insider information about this.

Also, regarding your Project Plan 3 licenses, are you using the Microsoft Project desktop application, or are you using the web-based Project for the Web application. If you are using Project for the Web, you are wasting your money on the Project Plan 3 license. All you need to use Project for the Web is the Project Plan 1 license, which is way less expensive than the Project Plan 3 license.

Hope this helps.

Hi @Dale Howard 

Thank you very much for your very clear answer.
I think it's a shame that Microsoft didn't do this integration.
Indeed, switching to Project Plan 1 may be sufficient for our use.


Thank you



it’s my understanding that they are adding this functionality - and somewhere I saw that it may be as early as the Sept update. 


I have been waiting for this sync, as this “people view” or “my work” view has been something that is keeping me from adopting - and I read that it is in the top 3 most requested features. 


Fingers crossed….