Send an email reminder when a task in Project for the Web is approaching its due date

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I have a Project integrated in Teams (created with Project for the Web) which contains various tasks for various team members.


I am trying to find a way (e.g. power automate flow) to automatically send a reminder to both myself and to the person assigned a specific task when the task due date is X days before its expiration. The X parameter could be set as a customized column in the plan grid. Is that possible? Or at least to send a reminder when a task is expiring without specificing how many days before? The planner sends such reminders, but I don't want to duplicate the tasks in both the Project tab and the planner tab.


Finally, also there is no available flow to send an email to the assigned person when a new task is created to the Project (and not the Planner) or at least I can't find it. Any suggestions?


Many thanks in advance.

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Hello @Gkoukakis ,

Users can get email notifications when they are assigned a Task: 

You could also look at the existing Power Automate flow templates: 

Unfortunately custom columns are not accessible in Dataverse so could not be used in Power Automate etc. 



Dear@Paul Mather ,


Thanks for the quick reply. I am aware of the notification setting, but this is possible (I think) only for those users that have a Project for the Web License. In my setup only the Project Manager has such a License and the rest of the team will see the project plan & tasks via Teams.


The Power Automate flow seems promissing, but I am trying to figure out the following:

Environment: Here I can two options: a) the company organization, b) one of the projects I have in teams integrating Project for the web tab

Table name: When I choose the company organization, I get values (e.g. Resource Assignments). But when I choose the project environment no values are retrieved


I guess a general question is the following: When I create a new Project for the Web, where are the values stored in the Dataverse? Under which tables?


Many thanks in advance for your help


Hello @Gkoukakis ,

You can find the correct Dataverse environment following this guide (Power BI for Project for the web): 

Once you have the correct environment and the correct access / permissions, you should see the tables / data.


@Paul Matherthank you once more for your fast reply and help. I have gone through the two available template flows and I guess that I have to improvise and take parts from both and create a new flow. Because what I want is to create a flow that sends a weekly reminder for the delayed/next month upcoming tasks to both the assignee and the Project Manager (and not only to myself).

Hello @Gkoukakis ,

Those two examples will hopefully give you enough to be able to build your own Power Automate flow.


Many thanks for all the kind help. Appreciated. I have started playing around with the alterations and slowly I will find a way. My first try ended up sending all the "test" tasks to all the company emails (I guess something wrong in the loop). Is there any way to test those flows in a test environment and avoid such issues? As I said in my initial email I want to build a flow that:

1. Runs once every week
2. Checks all the projects for all the tasks that are due in the next month
3. Check all the projects for all the tasks that are already late
4. Collects the respective assignees
5. Sends an email to each of the assignees with his due and late tasks
6. The same email goes to the Project Manager

Hence I am struggling to create a loop that can separate the above information per assignee and send the respective email.

I don't know if there are other internet sources where you can find customized templates that could probably address the above or if I have to use a service provider to do that (in case my tests fail).

Hello @Gkoukakis,

When I build new flows that send an email I typically hard code it to send to my email only until I am happy the flow is correct and ready for production. Regarding your points, that is all doable, I would look to use the filter row option to only return the tasks you want: 


@Gkoukakis hello, I'm trying to do the same thing (automate emails when they are overdue or late or on a weekly basis), did you find a way to create this flow in power automate? would be really good if you have something that can help me.


thanks a lot!

@Gkoukakis  Did you find the solution for your request and i am also looking solution for same requirement