save project schedule is previous version - Project won't open the file

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Yesterday I saved a project schedule (using File, Save), and now when I try to open the file, Project is saying the file was saved in a version prior to Microsoft Project 2000.  Not sure how this happened but is there any way to recover the file?   I used an organization approved license of Project and have no way to load an earlier version of Project to open the file (as instructed by the error message from Project).

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I was able to find a version of the file from 1 hour previous to the last save and open the file successfully. thus I am good. but still weird.
Thanks for the update. I was set to reply until I saw your message.
Hi Thomoa, I am also getting the same error like you. How this is resolved for you. Can you help on this

@Saikumar445   I did not resolve my issue on the latest version of the file. 

I went to the folder the .mpp file was in, right clicked on file, clicked on Versions and I was able to open the previous version of the file and save it as another file. It was saved only 1 hour before the latest version so I only lost one small change that I easily made in the new file.