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I really like the look of Project for the web and would like to add items in these projects to a roadmap, however I only get the choice of projects that have been loaded onto my PWA site (which I want to move away from - too much overhead). Is this possible?

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Hello @cjbev ,

Yes it is possible to add Project for the Web projects into Roadmap. The list of projects when you select Project will include the list of latest projects you accessed like you see on Project Home. Do the Project for the Web projects appear if you search for them? This link includes details on Project and Roadmap with a video:


Thanks Paul, Unfortunately only the projects that have been created previously on PWA are shown. Even if I search for them they dont show up. @Paul Mather 

Hey @cjbev ,

That's odd - but in Project Home on the Recent list you can see and access Project for the Web projects with no issues?


Thats correct - I will have a ticket raised on it.... @Paul Mather