PWA Notes field is disabled

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I added the Notes field to the Task Summary view but I am unable to edit the Notes, it is disabled or read only. Is there something I need to do to enable it?


thank you

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Hello @tonytohme ,

The Notes field for Tasks is editable in the Project Desktop client. You can either add notes in the Task Information:



Or in the view:



I hope that helps


@Paul Mather 

Thanks for your help, but I am using PWA (Project Online), and the Notes field is in the summary task but I cannot edit it for some reason.



Hello @tonytohme ,

This field is editable in the desktop client. The assigned users can also add notes from the Task page in PWA:




I am not using the Task page to create tasks.
I have a Project in PWA, and I am inserting tasks in the project and assigning users directly within the project's deliverables.
The Notes field in the summary task inserted in the project is not editable.

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Hello @tonytohme ,

The Notes field is not editable in the PWA task grid, it is read-only there as you have seen. I guess this is due to the field supporting rich text.


@Paul Mather  Thanks Paul, it doesn't make sense why would MS do this.


Workaround: Given I have admin permissions in PWA, I created a custom fields called Task Notes and added it to the Project View in Task Summary View. This worked.


Thanks Paul for your input