PWA main page broken after embeding PowerBI report

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Hi community,


I have tried to embed a Power BI report on the main page of the PWA. It worked in the first instance, but recently I couldn't sign in anymore to the report embeded in the PWA so i tried to re-embed the report. 


The link for the main page of the PWA is:


  1. I went to the main page and went under "Settings" --> "Edit page"
  2. I deleted the existing Web part containg the previously embeded Power BI report
  3. I added a new Web part "Media Content" --> "Content editor" 
  4. I inserted the link of the Power BI report in the Web part. The link has been copied from the Power BI report in the service as "File" --> "Embed report" --> "Web site or portal"



Bild (1).png


Since this has been done, the main page of the PWA is broken. When i go to the link in the browser turns into while the last two numbers of the link are changing continously in a loop and the site seems to be updating itself continously in this loop. The issue is, I cannot access anymore the "Edit page" site of this site in order to delete the Web part again which has caused the issue. When I go to "Edit page" a blank site with the message "404 NOT FOUND" appears. 


Any help is much appreciated.


Thanks in advance


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Hello @ITManuelBI ,

Can you load the site in maintenance mode? Try:  then delete the Power BI  / content editor web part?


Hi @Paul Mather ,


unfortunately I cannot load the site in maintenance mode with the link you suggested. The following error appears when trying the link.


Screenshot 2023-11-15 151232.png


Hello @ITManuelBI ,

You might be better off opening a support ticket with Microsoft from your M365 admin center.