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Is there a way to set "task type" to fixed work in new project online version ?


I need the "duration" automatically to be adjust if I change the numbers of employees working on it.

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@HubertWiech I'm assuming you're referring to Project for the Web?  If so, refer to this article Scheduling modes in Microsoft Project for the web - Microsoft Support .

If you are creating projects in the default environment, you may be limited as Schedule Mode setting is set for the entire environment and you typically set this and leave it. If you are using Project Accelerator, in a named instance, you can extend the solution and add the Schedule Mode to the Summary form and allow users to select a Schedule Mode prior to saving the project.  Once a project has been saved, or copied, you cannot change the Schedule Mode.

 Thank you for your reply.


That’s correct in the desktop application you can chose the scheduling type for every task.

Do you need Project license 5 to make these global changes? 



@HubertWiech Desktop application?  I think you meant default environment?  If so, a Plan 3 license will suffice, and work with your global admin to gain access, or have them change this setting.