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Hi, hoping someone can clarify a licensing question ASAP.

We need to know is a Client Application License (CAL) applied to/needed for every named Enterprise Resource created.


Are license costs dependent on how a resource accesses and uses Project Server? i.e, if they are active within PS and, for example; timesheet, contribute to Project Sites etc., then they need a CAL.
If they’re just named resources in a plan, and not using Project Server; then no CAL is applied


I know a Project Professional license is needed for owners of projects/plans, this question is specifically around resources we are trying to resource forecast within project plans.  Currently they are a hybrid of named Enterprise Resources, and named generic resources.  I want them all to be named ER as long as there are no licensing cost implications.





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Hello @APS1979 ,

Only users login in and using Project Server will need a license. If you have 20,000 resources in the enterprise resource pool but only 5 users who can login to PWA, you would only need 5 CALs. If all of these 20,000 resources are also users who can login and complete a timesheet / access the Project Site etc., they would also need CALs.


thanks Paul. Define 'login'? Is this the global permission of login to PWA you're referring to?

i.e. can i have Enterprise Resources who are ok to be resourced within a plan, do not access or use PS or the project site, and therefore do not need a CAL?
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Hello @APS1979 ,

Login is defined as any user who accesses the PWA web interface - PWA homepage, timesheets, project center, Project sites, Issues lists, Risks lists etc. A resource that is just named on a task and is not a user who logs in to PWA, won't need a CAL.


Thanks Paul, much appreciated with the quick reply. Can always rely on you! Thank you.