Project Professional 2016 - Master-Plan and 10 Sub-Project-Plans - How to manage sync between plans?

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I am preparing the planning phase of a large ERP implementation, run under MS Project Professional 2016. We intend to run one Masterplan owned by a central PMO and each of the 11 SubProjects being owned by each SubProject-Lead, running their sub-project in their OWN MS Project Professional instance. Q: 1. If I set up all Subprojects first, then tying them all into a MasterPlan, how do we ensure we will have up-and-downstream sync when changes are being made in the Master or SubProject-Plan for the respective SubProject Workpackages or Resources? 2. For this to work, do all 12 Projectplans (1 Master, 11 SubProject) have to reside in ONE place? Currently the plan is to run have them reside on Sharepoint, in the overall organization Office365 environment. THANKS FOR YOUR ADVICE. 

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@StormDHello! How are you going to work with master plan? Who will be work with SubProjects (other PMs)? When you open for editing the master plan, other PM cannot edit their Subprojects . 

1. Sync will be after publish (up/down).

2. Could you send more information? It is better when you use one space, but you can use a local project plan in the master plan and other combination.