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We have 4 project managers with Project Plan 3.

Each PM will create and manage multiple projects using Project For The Web.


How can we have an overview of all projects across the 4 project managers' projects?

We tried using the Project For The Web PowerBI template, we are unable to have include all projects created by the difference PM.


Any advise how to do it?


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@Critical_Chipmunk Try using Project Roadmap - if you are using PFW in Sharepoint there is an option on the homepage

hi. i have access to MS Project Roadmap.
After i created a roadmap, the project appear for me to connect are those project i created.
I am unable to access all the projects created by the other project managers.
unless all of their projects add me as an member. Is it the correct procedure for all the other project managers to add me as member to all their projects for me to add their project to roadmap?

@Critical_Chipmunk Hi, yes, they will need to add you to their project group.

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Hello @Critical_Chipmunk ,

The account you use on the Power BI report data source will need to be an admin / or ensure it has access to all project records in the data verse tables.


@Critical_Chipmunk another option would be create a new Team and add everyone as Members.  Link the new Teams group to each project and then use the Project app within Teams to display the project. You can also use the Teams group to grant access to the Power BI reports.

noted. i guess the proper way is to assign the permission to the person who is going to build the PowerBI dashboard/report.
this sounds like a good go-around method.