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I am currently using the desktop client version to prepare and update the project plan. Once i have completed the updates, i would like to save the updated plan in Project Online. I am not sure how to go about doing it. 


I tried the following steps, but the plan is not getting updated in Sharepoint. 

1. Click on "Save As" 

2. Select "Sync with Sharepoint"

3. Select "Existing Sharepoint Site" in the "Sync with" option

4. No changes to the "Site Address".

5. No changes to the name of the project plan file.

6. Click on "Save"


I see a progress window that mentions "Updating Sharepoint and project".. once it completes, I go to Sharepoint to check if the project plan is updated, but don't see any changes to the existing plan in Sharepoint. 


I am new to project online tool as well as Sharepoint; so I am definitely doing something wrong or missing a step.


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I think i found the solution, but i am not 100% sure if this is the right way. I went to Sharepoint and clicked on the icon next to the project name. The project plan opened in the Desktop.. i guess if i now make changes to the plan and save it, it should get saved in Sharepoint.
robertpoddar --

You are going about this all wrong! The first thing you need to do is to create your Project Online login account in your copy of Microsoft Project by completing the steps referenced in the following blog post:

Then you need to exit Microsoft Project, relaunch the software, and click the OK button in the Login dialog. You can now open your project, click File > Save As, and then save the project to Project Online.

Hope this helps.
Hi Dale
I have an Office365 account and am able to login into Project Online (
The following is what I initially did when I got the subscription to Project Online.
1. I went to my account in Office365
2. Downloaded the Microsoft Project Professional
3. From then on, I have been using the downloaded client for preparing or updating the project plans.
4. I got my IT colleague to provide access to Sharepoint.
5. I was able to save a copy of the plan online, but i don't remember how i went about getting it done.
robertpoddar --

Saving your project MPP file in SharePoint is NOT the same as saving it in Project Online. Read my previous reply for the correct way to do this. Hope this helps.
robertpoddar --

Well, you have an even bigger mess than I realized. The URL is for the new Project for the Web application and NOT for Project Online. And you DO NOT need a copy of the Microsoft Project desktop to use Project for the Web.

Since it sounds like you need to be using Project for the Web, I would recommend that you import your MPP file into Project for the Web, and then stop using Microsoft Project entirely. You should be using Project for the Web for all of your projects moving forward.

Hope this helps.
oh!.. thank you so much.. I was kind of lost and was trying out options to get the plan online. I assumed that it needs to be on Sharepoint after which I can share it with the stakeholders. Will definitely take a look at Project for Web.
I should have asked you, before going through the above steps :)
Hi Dale
I was able to import the MPP file into Project Web App, but the following main "features" are removed in order for the import process to get through.
1. Predecessor column is removed
2. It supports only Finish-to-Start dependency, hence it has removed all the dependencies.
3. Baseline is not supported in Project Web App.

Is there any other method wherein the desktop project plan that i prepared can be imported online "As is"?

robertpoddar --

Unfortunately, no. Project for the Web is NOT a web-based version of the Microsoft Project desktop application. It is an entirely new software application that mimics only SOME of the functionality in the Microsoft Project desktop application. When you import an MPP file into Project for the Web, as you have done, you run into some of the limitations of the tool. So, if you truly intend to use Project for the Web, you will need to live with these limitations.

Keep in mind that Microsoft has been continually developing Project for the Web, and they have been rolling out new features on a regular basis. Hope this helps.
Thanks, Dale.. is there any other option, apart from Project for the Web, wherein we can use the full features of Project desktop to prepare & track a project plan and have it online?


Hi @Dale Howard 
Been trying to figure out the best option to have the Project Desktop features to do the planning and tracking of the project, but instead of having it in the desktop, would like to have the plan in Project Online.
Frankly, I am just confused as I have been scrounging around to find some article/video to get to my goal.
One option, that I thought of but I am not sure if this is the right way:
1. Click on the "Save As" option in Project Professional (Desktop client) and select "Sync with Sharepoint".
2. Go to Project Center (where I hope the project would have got saved)
3. Check out the project and update the project plan with the Project Professional Client.
4. Check in the project, once changes are done.

The issue being is that when i click on "Save As" to "Sync with Sharepoint", i get the following error message.


Robert --

If you want to use Project Online, which is NOT the same application as Project for the Web, you will need to ask your Office 365 administrator to provision an instance of Project Online for you. He/she will then need to give you the URL of the Project Online instance. You will then need to create your Project Online login account in your copy of the Microsoft Project application, which will allow you to connect your copy of Microsoft Project to the Project Online database.

Once you have launched Microsoft Project and connected to the Project Online system, you can open the MPP file that you created, click File > Save As, and then be able to save it in the Project Online database. Once it is saved, you will also need to publish the project to make it visible for others to see in Project Web App, which is the web-based user interface to Project Online for people like team members and executives to use.

Hope this helps.

Thanks @Dale Howard. I will reach out to my IT administrator, who is also the admin for Project Online. Will come back to you, once we have the setup done properly. 


thank you so much for the guidance and the help.. 


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Robert --

Tell your IT admin to specify the Project Permissions mode in Project Online after the instance is set up, and then to add you to the Project Managers security group. He/she will need to perform those two actions before you will be able to use Project Online. Hope this additional info helps.

Hi @Dale Howard 


Wanted to circle back to you and keep you informed that we have been successful in getting Project Online up and running. We got the help of the MS Tech support executive. 

Thanks a lot for all the guidance in helping me out with this issue.. 


Robert --

Well, thanks for the good news, my friend! And you are more than welcome for the help. :)

By the way, if one of my replies provided the answer to your question, would you please mark my reply as the Best Response to your question? Thanks!
you need to connect your MS Project desktop to the project online SharePoint site , so you can publish your plan online