Project Online (PWA) Timesheets - Quick Launch List - Timesheet not displaying

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I have a problem with a user that previously had "Timesheet" displayed under the quick launch list, however disappeared. They have limit access to setting and do not have the "edit links" function or access to the "quick launch" settings. On my side I have administrator rights. I have tried to look at the settings however did not manage to resolve this issue. 


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You would need to have access to the server settings (quick launch settings) in order to check the issue. It is probably a rights issue since the timesheet link in the quick launch menu is also triggered by the permission to access the feature.

@Guillaume Rouyre thank you for your reply. I have access to the relevant settings including the quick launch settings. Below is a screenshot of the current settings, however I am not sure where else to check specific user quick launch settings. 




Maybe I misunderstood the issue, but in your screenshot I can see the "timesheet" link. So the quick launch seems to be ok. 

What is the issue exactly?

If it disappears only for some users, it might be due to the permission settings. If they do not have the permission to do timesheets, they might not see the timesheet link in the quick launch.