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I'm new to MS project online. I have subscription level 3, which provides also desktop client app. I have created a project in the desktop app and now trying to figure out how to import and work with Project Online. It's not straightforward and not very intuitive.

Mainly for now I look for answers on how to import the project , how to use check in/out options, how to sync so it will reflect the changes made in desktop app, how to create projetc site and what is it good for?


I apreciate to have some kind of a routine on how to I raised above.


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Maxim1979 --

If you are looking for free training on Project Online, I doubt you will find any. If you are willing to spend a little bit of money, I would recommend you order the following book:

This is a book that I co-authored at my previous employer. It is a very in-depth book and will teach you best practices on how to use Project Online with Microsoft Project. Hope this helps.
Also, I should have mentioned that if you have specific questions, please ask them in this community group. Thanks!

Hey @Maxim1979 ,

Here is an old blog series I did for getting started with Project Online - this might help, see what you think: 

Some of the screens might have slightly changed since I wrote this 8 years ago, certainly the Office 365 tenant admin screens have changed and also where you change the permission mode for PWA - that is now in the PWA Settings page.

Any queries, please let me know.