Project Online - Can remove finished tasks from resources' timesheet?

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Hi, I am trying to use Project online and having trouble with timesheets. 


Can we remove completed tasks from resources' timesheet??

(Complete percentages are 100% and remaining hour is zero).


Any advice will be much appreciated.





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Joey --

Yes, this is possible. Open and check out the project in Microsoft Project. Display the Gantt Chart view and then temporarily insert the Publish column. Apply the Completed Tasks filter. For each completed task, set the Publish value to No (you can use the Fill Handle to copy the No value from the first cell to all of the rest). Save and publish the project. At this point, team members will no longer be able to see the completed tasks on either the Timesheet page or the Tasks page in PWA. Hope this helps.
Hi Dale Howard,

Thank you so much for your advice!

I have another relevant question want to ask.,
I have dozens of finished projects and thousands of task.
Is there any other way, I can remove all the tasks of finished projects?

Thanks !
Joey --

The first question that comes to mind is, "Why do you need to do this?" If the need is somehow important, the solution would be to open every project, set the Publish value to No for every task, and then to publish the project. There is no shortcut to make it faster and easier.

So, my question remains, "Why do you need to do this?" Let us know. Thank!