Project Manager unable to delete projects in Project Centre

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Last year our business moved to its own tenancy after sharing with a parent company. This included having our own instance of Project. On the old tenancy, our Project Managers could create and delete projects. I believe they could delete projects that they weren't the owner of, but I'm not 100% on that. I am 100% sure that in Project Centre they could click on the ellipses of their own project and were presented with a delete button. I'm positive I set the users up with the same roles as on our previous tenancy but the option to delete does not appear unless I make them a full admin. Annoyingly I can't find the note I made which stated what permissions I had given them before I had to change them to an admin.

Has something changed in Project to prevent anyone other than an admin being able to delete projects now? Is there a way that I can amend permissions so those in the Project Managers for Project Web App group can delete projects, or is there a better group for them to be in?


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