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Hi everyone!

Since uservoice cannot be used anymore, I hope this post will be read by a MSFT product group and take the suggestion in consideration :)

MS To-do (and/or Tasks by Planner) slowly but surely becomes the central place for tasks around the product line, but one missing piece of the puzzle which I am sure everyone would love is the ability to see the tasks from Project for the web assigned to me in To-do / Tasks by Planner.

It is great already that Planner tasks are in to-do (for small/agile projects), but when it comes to complex/waterfall this feature is missing.

Does anyone know if this is planned somehow? I could not find anything in MS roadmap...

Thank you.

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This is so important! We need this feature on the roadmap with priorization

Any news here? This is crucial for our adoption story as people are becoming more ans more comfortable with the Planner integration. They try to accomplish everything with Planner instead checking for Project on the web. Not having the integration here lowers the appeal to deal with the tool at all. 

I agree as well...this is crucial. When I go to Settings in the MS ToDo app and scroll down to "Connected Apps" I fully expected to see "Project" as an option. The only two options currently are Planner (tasks assigned to you) and Flagged email. Please let us know if and when Project (tasks assigned to you) will be an option as a Connected App in MS ToDo.
i agree this is required for widespread adoption of p4w.
I fully support this message. Project and Planner are very different and both have a usage at operational level. To do is the central point to organise personal workload where project and planner are there to organize at Team level. We really need a link between the Project app and To-do...
Does anyone know if this was resolved?
Mase1020 --

Don't hold your breath waiting for this functionality in Project for the Web (what you describe as the Project app). I see nothing on the development Roadmap for this tool that reveals Microsoft will integrate Project for the Web with the To-Do app. Sorry, but hope this helps.

@Dale Howard this is one of the reason I am seeing my customer move away from using Microsoft project management solutions


GK_Con --

I can understand your frustration, my friend, and I fully understand why our customers are leaving.

@Dale Howard you mean the public roadmap (Microsoft 365-Roadmap – Microsoft 365-Update | Microsoft 365) or do you have insider knowledge on internal roadmaps?

The Roadmap available for the public. I do not work for Microsoft, so I have NO insider knowledge about this.
thanks for taking the time to respond - shame though, would be incredibly useful for my project teams
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@Nico Although this is not a feature, it is quite simple to do using 2 flows in PowerAutomate... I have developed just this. First flow creates a task on the Assigned To in P4W. Second flow monitors the Task GUID for changes in ToDo / Tasks and updates P4W tasks when changes are made outside of P4W.


Another option is to trigger and email to the user assigned the task and then use PA to flag the email if the subject contains... auto putting the task in ToDo etc


Or us adaptive cards to make an interactive email or Teams post to a channel so you still have access through the day to day toolset.


All the PA flows use the Project and Projects Tasks tables in Dataverse which is where the P4W data lives.


Loads of options if MS don't implement this, although would be far better if it was part of the standard offering, I agree.


Hope this helps.

Hi Adam-- Could you elaborate on how you accomplish this some more? New to Power Automate. Thanks.

Thanks @AdamTreadwell , I will try this out !

These are nice workarounds to implement this on a user-level, done by people who know what he/she is doing. But it can never be a company-wide solution. Please don't accept this as "solved" - if you want people to adopt the whole task management, push Project on the Web in the right direction where Planner and To-Do are going from an individual point of view. Gosh, even Exchange has joined the game long ago.

@Carsten Büttemeier I must disagree. When the P4W product is deployed to your tenant, it can also be overlaid with a Solution that holds a cloud flow. These flows can indeed be deployed at an enterprise level. This doesn't need to be done on a user-by-user basis and can be administered by multiple people by sharing ownership to the cloud flow. The Dataverse is the same tables used by everyone in that tenant so again, this is not limited to a user activity unless done so in the flow.


Once the customisation is deployed and published, all activity is then managed through the flow, which is where the correct parameters need to be in place so it uses the correct inputs to create the right outputs.


I agree however, that we need MS to take account for how the user experience is evolving, and tasks being a huge part of the day to day operation for many is somewhat lacking when working on local team tasks, own tasks, or projects. Too many places to view the same requests and actions being assigned to the user. I see 'To Do' and the 'Tasks app in Teams' being the central work queue for people, which is where MS need to include this so all task related activity is in some kind of users "Task Hub"


This is missing today, however with some development, this can already be added if a business wishes to do so. As long as Solutions are used to overlay customisation, we wont be impacted when MS release new updates of the core product. This could even include Azure task boards and external MS products such as Jira which demonstrates the capability is there, its just not included in the core product yet...

@AdamTreadwell I agree that this is most probably a working way, but I don't see this as the solution. Why do we have to do so if there is an intended use of To-Do? This is the same pity that we already had in those old SharePoint days 15 years ago - different product groups and an overall story that is rather driven by marketing and gets a different understanding as soon as we talk about overall implementation. 


Project for the web is such a promising tool and I really want to get people involved in our company. But not with another additional licensing in PowerApps and things we have to create and maintain what should be delivered with those 15€ we lay per user/month.  I can't get the story straight for my users and this just destroys adoption. They just will use Planner and Excel for PM with all the shortcomings we are aware of.