Project for the Web question: export as excel and how to import back

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My team started to utilize Project for the Web in Team such there are many tasks owners can work on a the same time in Team and see changes in action.  However, some has massive task and updating one at a time is a daunting task for those who have a ton of tasks. 


Is there a way to export as excel and import the project back with changes made in the excel list. 


I can't find a way to do this.  I see the option where I can upload the .mpp file back but then another set of license needed.  Thanks.



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N_Luu --

No, there is no import from Excel feature currently in Project for the Web. Perhaps it may be added some day, but as it exists currently, you cannot import from an Excel workbook. Sorry, but hope this helps.
That is what I thought. There is a way to upload the .mpp but that is another license complication. Dale, thx.