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Good Afternoon all,


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I am the head of Programmes and Projects for a SME and I have implemented Project for the Web and the Project Accelerator to great effect across my organisation.  A client has asked us to implement for them however, due to the complexity of their organisation they have multiple, separate "organisations" under a single tenant (not for discussion here :facepalm:).  Due to this segregation, We have had to install a dedicated instance of Project for the Web and the Accelerator in a dedicated Power App environment (Not Default).


The issue we now have is that we cannot integrate Project for the Web with Teams Channels and by extension, implement tasks directly to Engineering Team Planners.  While the accelerator continues to provide great project and reporting solution, the lack of integration with Teams seriously reduces its effectiveness as a collaboration tool.  Research to date indicates that only Project for the Web installed in the default instance (not best practice) will integrate with Microsoft teams.


I post this out of hope than expectation however, can anybody out there in the community advise whether they have successfully resolved this challenge?


I look forward to your responses.

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good morning all, please accept my apologies for this "Bump" as I would be interested to know if the Administrators have seen this issue and, hopefully over come it?
Hi Gareth
You've hit the snag that many of us have also found. There are some features that can only work if they are in the default environment.
Amongst these are:
Add the Project to a Teams channel
@ mention and conversations in Project tasks

It's very frustrating and isn't made clear enough on the Accelerator GitHub page nor is it made clear in the Roadmap.
There is no workaround.
It's something we have to keep being vocal about as it is creating a two-tier offering but for the same price.