Project for the Web (P4tW) and task assignments.

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First of all, this is a question about Project for the Web (P4tW). We are looking at using this more and more in our environment as it has tight connections to other MSFT apps.

What we want to do is use P4tW in a way that when someone is assigned to a task, it automatically sends that to the person's MSFT To-Do. We're heavy users of To-Do. There doesn't seem to be a way to do this unless you go into the Dataverse and use a connector there. We've looked at trying to use Power Automate, but that requires the root site URL and P4tW doesn't use that.

Is this just something simply out of the realm for normal users to do? Should we bite the bullet and look to upgrade to MSFP Project P1? It's frustrating that this basic level of data and task management isn't available in P4tW.

Thanks in advance.

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Jleebiker --

Although Microsoft has released plans to provide a connection between Project for the Web and the To-Do app, the release of this feature has been delayed, and Microsoft has yet to announce when this feature will become available. The key question is whether you can use Project for the Web without the To-Do connection, and can wait until that feature is released. I cannot answer that question for you, although I certainly do understand your frustration. Hope this helps.