Project encounters an error on startup

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I work on the IT team of a company. A number of my users work with Project and, for a while now, have encountered an error upon starting the program. Unfortunately, as their OS and apps are in French, I will do my best to translate but I can't feature the exact English wording.

"Sorry... Project has encountered an error and must stop. Would you like to run diagnostics now?"


Most of the users can eventually open the app after several attempts and reboots (sometimes variations in the opening method help: opening a previously used file vs opening the app directly), but now a few of them sometimes cannot overcome the error and may be Project-less for a day or more, and they have thus turned to the IT department (maybe a bit late).


This error seems relatively common with Word, PowerPoint and Excel, but no topic comes up for Project. I have nonetheless attempted the troubleshooting and resolution steps provided on Microsoft support forums, to no avail. These steps included: rebooting the computer, running the diagnostics, running a quick repair then online repair of Office, completely uninstalling and reinstalling the app. We also reinstalled Office (365) entirely in 64 bits version (as it was previously in 32 bits)... But the error remains.


It may be useful to know the company makes heavy use of App-V 5 for a number of other apps, and that the users used to have Project 2000 on their computers previously.


Thank you kindly for any help or troubleshooting ideas!



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