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I am currently building out a Monthly Status Report in a Project Detail Page in Project Online.  I finally have all the content showing via web parts on the page and now I am trying to do a few things to enhance it, which I could use some assistance with.  They are listed below:


- How can I print out the Project Detail Page (Save to PDF)?  I right-clicked the content on the page and clicked print and it comes out OK, but was hoping for an easier way (export, print option within Project Online's PDP page).

- I have a webpart displaying RAG Statuses, but only the text (ex. Green, Amber, Red).  Is there a way I can either display these words as a color or simply make the text the color that is typed in?


On a different (yet similar) topic, has anyone used the Highlighted Content Query Web Part?  I cannot seem to find it in my instance. I watched a few videos on it, but none show how to enable it.  


Lastly, does anyone know why Add a Page is missing from Project Online?


Thank you in advance to anyone that can shed some light on these questions. I am close to what I am envisioning, just need a push across the finish line.



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Hello @John Passaro ,

See below:

  • PDP printing - the only option out of the box is the print capability that the browser offers. If you know HTML / JavaScript you might be able to build your own Print capability for the PDP page.
  • RAG status icon / formatting - nothing out of the box but if you know HTML / JavaScript you could do this via custom code on the page
  • The Highlight Content web part is only available in a Modern SharePoint site / page - PWA is a classic SharePoint site
  • As PWA is a classic SharePoint site, you can add a new page in a Document library once the "We part page" content type is added to the library

Hope that helps


@Paul Mather,

Can you provide me with some more details on adding color to the items in the Basic Info webpart? Do you know of any specific javascript that will either change the color of the text or the background based on what is typed in? ex. Green, Yellow(Amber), or Red? and where exactly do I put this information so it activates for a specific Basic Info web part (I have several, but only one that deals with RAG Status information).

Thank you!

Hi @John Passaro ,

You could develop the code and add this to the PDP using a script editor webpart or via a file on in a content editor webpart. 

Unfortunately I don't have any code samples to hand, I would need to develop the code but that is beyond the scope of the support forums as I would need to understand your config / set up. If you are not sure on developing this, it might be worth engaging with a contractor / Microsoft partner who could help you out.

Many thanks