Project client not recieve enterprise resource updates until you delete server connection document

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It's very bad and strange problem with Project Professional 2016 client.

If I change enterprise resource availability and rates, the client doesn't recieve enterprise resource updates until you delete server connection document or delete all folders in cache folder.

How can we fix this big problem?

With best regards, Vasily


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Hello @Vasily_Zaytsev ,

If you have the Project Desktop client open and connected to the PWA instance then make changes to the PWA instance such as resource changes, enterprise custom field config changes, the Project Desktop client will pick up these changes if you close and relaunch Project Desktop and connect back to the PWA instance. There should not be any need to delete / recreate connections, just close Project, relaunch and connect.


Hello Paul. Can you check your solution at Project Professional 2016 version 16.0.5134.1000 and Project Server 2019?
It's not work:(
So it's a big problem for us.
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Hello @Vasily_Zaytsev ,

Unfortunately I don't have access to Project Server on-premises anymore, I only use Project Online so I'm not able to test this.


Hello. The problem was with CSOM API. After resource custom updates via CSOM API, client doesn't recieve any updates. Updates via native Project Professional 2016 works well.