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Hello, I'm working with Excel and Project. 

I'm working with excel to get all the resumed information of our projects from Project online. 


I'm trying to get the data in excel from a sharepoint list (My organization pwa list). 

However when I put the sharepoint link in excel I see a lot of different lists from pwa but I cannot find the list I see in Project Center where we have a list of all of our projects with some level of detail about owner, % completed, etc. 

The list I'm trying to get is in


How can i get that data and query in excel?


Thank you




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agus_syn --

I am not sure how you are going about generating this Excel workbook. The easiest way is to navigate to the Project Center page in PWA, to click the Projects ribbon to expand it, and then to click the Export to Excel button. That should generate the list you seek in Excel. Hope this helps.