project 4 the web how to add caption on the timeline

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i want to set captions on the timeline like in this Image 

I cant find the way to do so .

 Please Help 



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Hello @orenmedasystech ,

These are the tasks names from the source tasks / projects, if I've understand the question correctly.


yes you have understood correctly I want the name of the task to appear in the time line like in the screen shot that I attached @Paul Mather 

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Hello @orenmedasystech ,

That happens by default if the task duration is long enough - so that the bar is large enough to render the task name:




@Paul Mather 



Hi Paul and thank you for the answer . but as you can see  the name of the task is very short and the time line is long but it does not show the name on the Bar.


Hello @orenmedasystech ,

That is a different app - the app you sent a screenshot for in the original post was the Roadmap app. The screenshot above is the Project for the web app, that does not show the task name on the task bar.

O.K Thank you for your answer it's helped A lot .