Problem saving a SharePoint Site as a Project Online site template

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Over the last year or so we have been having trouble saving any SharePoint site as a Project Online site template.  I had previously been able to save sites as templates in my various Project Online (government) tenants. 


Here's an example of what happens now when I try to create a basic project site and then save it as a template (which is the same error msg I get when I start with my existing project site template):


  • Created a new subsite using the Project template
    • JeanLieverman_0-1658421492434.png


  • Then without doing anything else I tried to save it as a template
    • JeanLieverman_1-1658421492437.png


  • Got this error
    • JeanLieverman_2-1658421492438.png

Has anyone else observed this problem?  Has anything changed in Project Online and/or SharePoint to cause this problem?  Any info would be helpful.




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Hello @Jean Lieverman ,

Do you see this issue on other PWA site collections on this tenant? This process works fine on all tenants I have access to. You probably need to open a support case with Microsoft on this one.


Hi Paul,

Yes this problem is on other PWA site collections on this tenant. Thanks for the advice. Will proceed with MS.