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Greeting all. I am new to MS Project and have been watching YouTube tutorials nonstop, learning how to use it. I've created a construction schedule for a 110 unit building. Each unit is essentially the same process. The schedule simply repeated the same order of tasks, offset but a couple of days per unit. What this means is a trade, the painters for example, who have 3 tasks in the process, will have 3 units they will be working in on any given day, doing one of the tasks. I've not been able find a way to print a report that groups tasks together by task. I'm looking for something like this...


Task 1 - Unit 1 - Start Date / Finish Date

Task 1 - Unit 2 - Start Date / Finish Date

up to....

Task 1 - Unit 110 - Start Date / Finish Date

And then on to....

Task 2 - Unit 1 - Start Date / Finish Date

and so on


Can anyone advise me please? Thanks in advance.

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This is roughly how I interpreted your plan (ignoring other trades tasks).


Then create a new group (View > Data group > Group by > New Group By):


When the group is applied, this is the result:


Is that kinda, sorta, maybe what you want? If not, please expand your thinking maybe with a mockup screen shot.