Power BI Project Online Power Pack adding resources names to tasks

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I am using the Power Bi Project Online Power Pack. I want to add the resource name to the Gantt 2.2.3 visual and a table visual I created. I understand that there is a many to one relationship between the assignments table and the task table and they could be related by Task ID.  I cannot find a way to do it without some customization to the tables, but I might just be missing something, since I am new to Power BI. I am basically trying to create a table similar to the MS Project Task Sheet view with the resource names.  


I tried a few things, but could not find anything that works, so I might just need a help with the the formula I am trying for the custom column I am creating on the Tasks table. 


I want to add Task resource names (from the assignments table) to a column in the tasks table.  I tried using concatenatex with a filter, but cannot find a syntax that will work.  I tried many different versions of the formula and could not get it to work. I also tried adding calculate, but that did not work either. Here is one of the formulas I tried.


TaskTeam = CONCATENATEX(Assignments, Assignments[Resource Name], ", "), FILTER(Tasks[Task ID] = Assignments[Task ID])






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I determined the proper syntax is: 

TaskTeam = CONCATENATEX(FILTER(Assignments, tasks[Task ID] = Assignments[Task ID]), Assignments[Resource Name], ", ")