Potential Bug: Assigned tasks do not show in Tasks section

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I am having this issue of not seeing any tasks in Tasks page that are assigned to me. All my tasks are published. I still cannot see any thing in Tasks section. I am also the owner of the PWA. All my resources are Committed and are Enterprise Resources brought into project via Build team. All I see in Tasks section is this:


Could this be a configuration issue, we are using Sharepoint permissions mode? I have seen related posts going back 10years and I have applied all the suggestions in those posts. Still not solved/fixed! Need help. Thanks.  

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@Svashisht2023 Go to your Task view then on the TASKS ribbon ensure you don't have a custom View or Filter set that is excluding tasks.

H ello @RFromm  thanks for replying. No filters and the view is the default My Assignments.