OneNote to capture Project Artifacts

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I use Project 4 Web.  I acknowledge that I can upload project files into individual project tasks.  I also know I can utilize the project equivalent via Power Apps to create Issue Lists, Risk Registry, etc.


What I am hoping to achieve is to utilize one platform to capture all project artifacts for each project, with eyes on archiving the complete project plan.  Given that I utilize OneNote as a supplement to all my project work (I create a notebook for every project), I was wondering if there was a way to share my entire OneNote file within my organization.  We are all part of the same 365 tenant. Rather than manually sharing each notebook individually, I was hoping to share my entire OneNote file so that everyone has access to my project notebooks, where I plan to upload floorplans, NDAs, MSAs, BOMs, invoices, etc., all aspects of project artifacts I want to capture for each project.


Does anyone know if this is possible?  Or given my user case, can offer another solution?

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Hello @BrianNeil3377 ,

Queries around access to OneNote files is probably better placed in the Office 365 community as you will probably get a quicker answer there: 

Alternatively, you can create a OneNote file per project and store this in the Team files associated with the project:


Then all users who have access to the Microsoft 365 Group associated to the Project will have access.


I don't have that Team files option. Is this because I haven't created a Team site for this project? Can you advise on how this is done?

Hello @BrianNeil3377 ,

The project will need to be associated to a Group:





Am I understanding you correctly that once I assign a group to the project, then the "Teams File " option will be available, and using this will create a OneNote notebook associated with the project, which I can access via Teams?

Hello @BrianNeil3377 ,

Yes once the project is associated to a Group - you will see the "Team files" option. This will take you the the collaboration space for that project - the SharePoint documents. A post can be seen below: 

The term "Team" here is not related to Microsoft Teams, this is referring to the project team.