No projects are not opening

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I'm unable to open any of my projects at the moment. One of my colleagues tested it and she is experiencing the same issue. I'm using the Edge browser. 


Here is a Correlation ID: 41cc7b91-715f-498d-a217-83d1cf28a296.  I've also attached a screenshot.





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Experiencing the same issue in our Project for the Web setup. Also tried to open projects with different users and all get the same error message...


We are seeing the same issue.

@Donal McCarthy 


Same here since I came to the office:





The same since this morning (Minsk time)

Hi everyone - thanks for bringing this up. Can you check again and see if you're able to open projects now?

@jackieduong it's now ok on my end but some of my collegues still have the problem

@PhiG123 can you/your colleagues message me the correlation IDs with the problem? Were the projects working for them previously? Thank you!

@jackieduong It works now! Great, thanks a lot :)

Correlation ID: 5bee6a57-875c-4752-a32a-79f2adea1d2b
Yep, seems to be working again.

@PhiG123 can you confirm this is an active/working project, and not a deleted/nonexisting project? 

Oups! My collegues were using old working with the good IDs

@jackieduong mine is also working fine now.



@jackieduong what did you do in order to fix this issue. I am experiencing the same since yesterday.


Any help is appreciated



@jackieduong I am having the same issue.  How is this issue resolved?