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This has happened randomly to a couple of people at work over the last week. The progress line on the project is in the correct place when looking at the workspace, but when we go to print the progress line moves back a couple of months. 

PL1.jpgScreenshot 2022-01-26 151420.jpg

We have tried setting the date to today on the Status tab. Is there anything we are missing? It's weird that this has happened to 3 of us in the last week on different projects all different dates.


Any help would be welcomed! 

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I am having the same issue. For me sometimes the progress line moves as per your example and sometimes it doesn't show at all. Microsoft need to resolve this quickly. Can anyone help please?
I noticed the same at one of our customers. Seems the issue was introduced with a recent update. A ticket with Microsoft support was opened.
Thanks for the reply. How do you raise a ticket with Microsoft support?
You should talk to your IT department, i.e. the administrator of your Microsoft tenant. The can do that via the admin portal.

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Dit you fixed that problem since jan 28 ? 

I'm stock and microsoft dont answer me 





Yes. I got our IT team to raise it with Microsoft. It appears a recent update introduced the error. They ended up having to revert mine to a previous version. They then changed my automatic update interval to 6 monthly, in the hope that they will have resolved the issue by the time my next scheduled update is due.