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What is best practice to handle tasks that might happen?

Right now, I´m adding “possible” tasks in my plan that extends the project time, just to be sure… These “possible” task might not happen…

Thanks for your thoughts.



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Martin380 --

If you are using the Professional version of Microsoft Project, here is what you can do:

1. Create the tasks that "might" happen.
2. Link the tasks that "might" happen to tasks that are needed in the project.
3. Enter task Duration for the "might" happen tasks.
4. Assign resources to the "might" happen tasks.
5. Select all of the "might" happen tasks and then click the Inactivate button in the Task ribbon.

With the "might" happen tasks set to Inactive, they will not impact the project schedule. When a "might" happen task is actually needed in the project, you can select the task and then click the Inactivate button again to re-activate the task.

Hope this helps.

@Dale Howard 

Thanks Dale, 
It works great for my projects.
Much appreciated.