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I have one quick query:  I have MS Project 2019 installed on my windows PC. But I now want to use MS Project Desktop Online client to plan a Agile project (using the Agile features that is available only on the MS Project Online version).


My question is: 


1. Can I install the MS Project Desktop client on the same windows laptop where my MS Project 2019 is installed?

2. Can I run the client to access the online version and launch the MS project 2019 desktop version at the same time?

3. Or do I have to uninstall MS Project 2019 on my laptop and then install MS Project Online Desktop Client.


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Hi, Kish, there is no "desktop" only version of Project anymore. I think Project Professional (aka the legacy Project Online client) is only click to run bits from the cloud these days (if that's not correct I'm sure Paul or Dale will speak up). Launch Project Professional from PWA then use it to create a project plan that you save to your desktop (don't create an Enterprise project).



Thanks for your prompt reply. Have taken note of your reply. Much appreciated.


Kish --

If you want to use the Agile features in Microsoft Project, you will need to uninstall your copy of Microsoft Project 2019 and then install the subscription-based Project Online Professional software instead. Hope this helps.

HI @Dale_HowardMVP 


Thanks for your response.