MS Project 2016 row height problem

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Suddenly the row heights of new projects is about 8 letters tall rather than the normal 1 letter high.  I tried adjusting the row heights via the prescribed View-Tables-Entry-Edit route.  I can make them bigger to say row height 10, but when i got back to row height 1 or 2 it stops at about 8.  I can open older schedules and they are okay and i can wipe old schedules and reuse the schedule format at the correct row height.  In desperation i deleted 2016 and reinstalled it.  To no avail.  The new schedules all open at a height of about 8.  I also cannot manually decrease the size of any of the rows.  Any ideas i am desperate?

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genglehardt --

Please share a couple of items that would help us to troubleshoot your problem:

1. A screenshot of what you are seeing in new projects.
2. The process you are following to create a new project. For example, are you starting from a blank project or from a personal template? If from a personal template, please share a screenshot of that template as well.

Please let us know and we will try to help you.

@Dale Howard 

I click on the Blank Template (see attached screen shot) and then the enlarged project Gantt chart opens (see screen shot).  I cannot adjust the row heights below what you see although i can make them larger.  As noted if i open an old schedule and delete the data i can create a normal sized Gantt chart that way.

Thank you for your help. It is much appreciated.


genglehardt --

Thanks very, very much for sharing those two screenshots. It is easy to see why you have run into this little problem. In your blank project, you have the Bar Rollup view applied, which is why you see the very tall task rows in your project. If you apply the Gantt Chart view, the task rows will return to their default height. I think you may have erroneously set the Bar Rollup view as your default view for all new blank projects. Instead, I think you need the Gantt Chart view set as the default view. To do this, click File > Options. On the General page of the dialog, click the Default View pick list and select the Gantt Chart view. Click the OK button to apply the changes. Now create a new blank project and you should see the task rows are the normal height. Hope this helps.

@Dale Howard 

That worked like a charm!!!  Thank you, thank you.  This problem was driving me crazy.  I don't think i have ever used the roll up view.

Again, thanks for your help.


Gary -- You are more than welcome for the help, my friend. If my response solved your problem, would you kindly mark it as the best response? Thanks!