MS Project 2010 mpp file conversion to MS Project 2019

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Currently, I have MS Project 2010 and have multiple mpp files created in 2010. I would like to upgrade to MS Project 2019. I asked a colleague who has MS Project 2019 as a test to try to open my project files. That has not worked. What is the best way to convert MS Project 2010 files to MS Project 2019? 

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@Varsha_Pathre No conversion is necessary, Project 2010 was developed using the new ribbon format and a different file structure. That same format and file structure was carried through Project 2013, Project 2016, Project 2019 and I believe also the latest Project 2022. Why your colleague couldn't open the file is curious, your file should have opened with no problem.


If you would be willing to send me one of your Project 2010 files I would be happy to test it. I have Project 2010 and Project 2019. If interested, let me know.




Thanks for sharing this information. How can I share a file with you?

You can contact me at the address below. I will ask some questions.
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