Migrate from using MS Project mpp files to Project Online

Steel Contributor

We currently use Microsoft Project as an installed Desktop application.  Our users create their projects and store the files in SharePoint.  No one can view those schedules unless they have Project installed as this is not the "Project Online."  We have Project Plan 3 licenses which is too $$$ for what little we use.


I'm not sure what we need or how to go about it but we'd like users in Microsoft Teams so "See" and "Edit" the project schedules in Teams.  Because they are all mpp files, they have to be downloaded, edited, then copied back.  


  1. If we had the Project for Web or Project Online (still very confused as to the differences), can those be viewed and edited in Microsoft Teams?  
  2. Can we migrate a project setup in an mpp file to Online (so they can be viewed in Teams)?  
  3. Basically is there a cheaper version that allows project schedules to be created and viewed in Teams?
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Mercedes --

The answer to all three of your questions is to use the Project for the Web application. All of the users who need to create and/or edit project schedules will need the Project Plan 1 license. A recently added new feature will allow you to import your existing MPP files from Microsoft Project as new projects in Project for the Web. Hope this helps.
That is great news about importing mpp files. I will check it out for sure!