Microsoft PPM Strategy?

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Hello, our organization is in the process of exploring available PPM Tools with the hope of implementing an organizational standard. Our projects range from multi-year, multi-system programs to very small projects. The larger projects have schedules managed in MS Project Desktop, smaller projects use a variety of tools (Wrike, Smartsheet, Excel, etc.). Microsoft is one of our strategic partners and we looked to their toolset first. To test the waters, a proof of concept (POC)  with Project Online with an 3rd party overlay was conducted with a positive reception.  We liked the integration with MS Project Desktop and the reporting was heading in the right direction. The intention was to expand the POC into a pilot to evaluate resource management and potentially integrate with Azure Dev Ops.


Fast forward the end of 2019 we started to hear mixed signals on the future of Project Online. Quotes such as "Going forward, all innovation will occur in Project for the web." gave us pause. The pilot was reduced in scope and we are resigned to the fact that a full RFP across all leading PPM solutions will be necessary. Reaction from the team was mostly disappointment, with our investment in the Microsoft stack this should have been an easy win.


Looking forward some compelling capabilities of an Enterprise PPM include:

  • The ability to integrate MS Project Desktop schedules directly into Project Online
  • Ability to aggregate multiple schedules
  • Advanced resource management from project inception to execution
  • Roadmap - we like the concept on an integrated Roadmap tool
  • A light weight project tool option (aka Project for the Web)
  • Integration with Azure Dev Ops, JIRA and other tools
  • All other standard PPM functions (Intake, Reporting, etc.)


The question is how can we learn more about the Microsoft PPM strategy?  (Vision for MS Project Desktop, Integrate small and large projects, timing, etc.)


We would be seeking a PPM solution to support a medium to large enterprise across a wide spectrum of projects with a focus on the larger more complex programs that utilize professional scheduling software. Currently we don't see Microsoft as a player in this space.




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