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Is it possible to apply mass production to MS Project?
If I have to plan the 100 Qty, what would be the best plan to implement?

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Maybe, but you don't give nearly enough information for us to give any kind of meaningful answer.
For starters,
1.What is your definition of "mass production"?
2. What exactly is the "100 Qty"?
3. What exactly are you trying to do?




Thanks for reply.

I usually have been using MS PROJECT for the development project having small QTY of final product.

Since this is the first time for me to apply mass production project, I'm a bit confused of how to use it and if MS Project could be applied for that.

Our project has to manufacture around 200 QTY of drone and surely each has the same process of manufacturing.

I'm wondering if I have to copy&paste same activity for 200QTY, or if there is another better solution for this kind of project(mass production project).

Thank you.



It depends on how much visibility you need/want. For example here is an approach that is probably not used very often but is simple and easy to update. This example shows 4 steps to produce a single drone with the time span needed to produce a quantity of 20 drones for each step. Since steps are consecutive, each step's predecessor is expressed as a percentage delay from the start of the previous step. In this example, step 1 is complete for the first drone (1/20 = 5%).


If you need finer detail on the plan, this simplistic approach could be parsed into groups of 20 or 50 (i.e. 10 groups of 20 each or 4 groups of 50 each) by replicating the above. However, if you need full detail for each drone, then the best approach is to replicate the process for a single drone for the full quantity which would be a copy/paste.


There may be other ways to approach it, it all depends on what kind of process visibility you need.



Hi @Hayden_Yang  !
If you would like to manage tasks in Physical Volumes like 100 items, 10 kg, 100 meters,  etc .,  - 
MS Project does not have that feature.


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